Your business space is prone to be attacked either externally or internally. If your systems are not regularly updated or patched, your level of cyber defense will decrease with time. Public facing applications need to be continually tested to combat advance and emerging threats. Insider threats can never be ignored in fact most of the fraudulent and espionage activities are conducted from inside. Internal networks are also used by third party contractors, outsourcing staff, disgruntled employee or remotely connected trusted users. Securing the business space from both external and internal threats is highly desirable. Pentesting provides you with a low-level overview of the entire organization’s security environment; be it internal (private) or external (public-facing); and offers better data protection and privacy features to your customers.

  • Architecture Optimization

    Understanding existing deficiencies in security architecture and improving where required.

  • Trusted Security advisor

    Thorough regular account management meetings on timely basis to oversee your security roadmap and become your trusted advisor.

  • Increased Efficiency

    You will have your security needs outsourced to a team of cyber security industry veterans hence providing viable suggestions to improve security posture.

  • Cyber Ecosystem

    Building an ecosystem among security technologies to orchestrate and automate security response.

  • Strategic Consulting

    As the world goes digital, business owners need to assure business operating as per best security practices.


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  • network-pentesting

    Network and Wireless Penetration Testing

    Vulnerability Assessment is done on the internal network, wireless appliances, applications and services are enumerated and checked for present vulnerabilities. Found vulnerabilities are exploited to gain access into the network and attempts are made to move laterally or vertically throughout the network.

  • mobile-pentesting

    Mobile Applications  Penetration Testing

    Organization’s mobile applications are tested for the OWASP top 10 Mobile Vulnerabilities, and attempts are made to exploit the found vulnerabilities.

  • web-app-pentesting

    Web-based Application Penetration Testing

    The public-facing applications are tested for vulnerabilities, usually the OWASP top 10, and exploitation is done based on the found vulnerabilities.

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    We handle all aspects of your Information security including compliance, deployment, operations and managed support.

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